Wedding Planner

We’ve been spending time designing the contents of a wedding planner for 2011. Below is a small snippet of just a few pretty illustrations, which will fill the pages.

The planner has been a challenge, as the detail involved is really rather intricate! Planning a wedding can be very stressful, and a wedding planner can really help organise the weeks and months leading up to the special day.

The job for us is to make certain that the content is useful and detailed enough so that the ‘planning’ is joyful rather than stressful. We’ve covered every last detail starting a year in advance. Phew!And it’s our job to make certain that each page looks as pretty and inviting as the next. With whimsical illustrations inspired by our Wedding/Anniversary card range ‘Cherish’. The pages are filled with delicate blossoms combined with pearlised lace foil edging.

It’s super exciting to know that the planner will help organise so many weddings, and help to make the event as stress free as possible. And with the added illustrated contents, it will be sure to make you smile.

Please contact Junction Eighteen Ltd for details of where you can purchase one.


About rosannarossi79

Rosanna Rossi is a beautiful greeting cards publishing company based in the United Kingdom.
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