Trade Show Preparation

As with every trade show there’s always a sense of panic, no matter how organised i am! I’ve been planning the layout for the Top Drawer 2011 show for some weeks now, and the actual building of props is slightly more complex than imagined. I am no DIY expert, but with huge thanks to my partner, it’s coming along nicely!

We decided not to clad the stand for one main reason. The expense! It really is costly and so would rather build our own panels. This way we can decorate before the show, and hopefully it will be an easy and quick job once we’re there. Fingers crossed.

My main job was to paint each panel. I decided on a soft pink and blue, which complement our greeting cards perfectly. Following this, i attached mini shelves to present each collection.

We have just a few more panels to go, and then it’s on to the table. I’m afraid i have little knowledge of how to make a table that sits at the corner or a stand, so i shall happily hand this job over to my partner.

My new catalogues are currently in print and Rosanna Rossi postcards should arrive tomorrow. With only 4 days to go you really have to be organised!


About rosannarossi79

Rosanna Rossi is a beautiful greeting cards publishing company based in the United Kingdom.
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