Chocolate Week

Oh yes that’s right…it’s officially Chocolate Week. A week long celebration of fine chocolate. Hoorah!

If like me, you’re an avid fan of Chocolate, there are tonnes of talented Chocolateirs that are involved with Chocolate Week around the UK. There is also a yummy ‘Chocolate Unwrapped‘ event taking place on the 15-16 October at Vinopolis London, which include Chocolate demos, talks and tastings. Oh my.

*Images: Rosanna Rossi ‘Just for You’ Chocolate card/Hope and Greenwood/ Delectable Desserts/Me tasting my first Willie Wonky Chocolate Bar.

If you’re a reader of my Wedding Ring Pillow site ‘Anna Whitford‘, you will already know that i’m a little bit addicted to Chocolate, as featured here and here. So if i were to be totally honest with you, every week is chocolate week!



About rosannarossi79

Rosanna Rossi is a beautiful greeting cards publishing company based in the United Kingdom.
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One Response to Chocolate Week

  1. june in ireland says:

    Chocolate Week is my kind of holiday, and these choccie-inspired events going on around the UK have me quite envious (but in a good way). Actually, it’s probably a good thing that there’s not something similar taking place here in Ireland (not that I know of, at least). Good in the sense that it’d be better for my waistline…sigh…Enjoy the festivities Anna, and let us know how you got on. Chocolate week is a wonderful thing! I love the images you’ve included in this post, too. Especially the ‘Just for You’ card that you designed. Thanks for sharing!

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