The Weekend

It’s not often i get a weekend where i’m not working on something, and this weekend was no exception. Especially with the Spring Fair in less than a week, there’s still a great deal i haven’t ticked off my work list.

1. I spotted this gorgeous ditzy floral/bird patterned plates which i thought was pretty. 2. I designed 4 floral wedding ring pillows and 60 invites for wedding commissions from my wedding site 3. We have been manic with packing international orders for our greeting cards for the past few weeks, and we hope to get them completed this week. 4. We celebrated my mum’s birthday with a lovely big bunch of Spring flowers. 5. Snowdrops are appearing everywhere. Spring is on its way! 6. My sister is a fabulous beauty therapist who has been practising colourful nail art on me!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend?


About rosannarossi79

Rosanna Rossi is a beautiful greeting cards publishing company based in the United Kingdom.
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