Introducing our Pretty Flower Fairy Friends

I would like to introduce to you our new girls age 1-5 birthday cards titled Bambini, which now also includes a general ‘Happy Birthday’ card. Each design features a pretty ballerina fairy, and on the back of every card is a little introduction to each character. They are all named after a pretty flower, and finished with lots of sparkling glitter detail. After all, girls love a bit of sparkle!

If you are a buyer who is interested to receive our new catalogue please get in touch. Alternately you can view our complete range of greeting cards at the NEC Spring Fair on the 5-9th February 2012.


About rosannarossi79

Rosanna Rossi is a beautiful greeting cards publishing company based in the United Kingdom.
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One Response to Introducing our Pretty Flower Fairy Friends

  1. june says:

    Ahhhh…these are so sweet and adorable…and happy. The colours are so uplifting and
    cheerful. Fit for a lovely little girl on her birthday. Well done, both of you!

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