Rosanna Rossi is a contemporary greeting cards brand that creates playful, yet refined cards for all occasions.

The company name Rosanna Rossi derives from a play on sibling names “Rosalba” and “Anna”. Rossi is the Italian maiden name of co-founder Filippa.

The co-founders and designers Anna and Filippa illustrate every single card fusing a mix of vibrant hand-painted illustration with high quality foiling and emboss techniques. With emphasis on beautiful designs using only the highest quality materials and working closely with the best suppliers in the industry, all proudly sourced and made in the UK.

Our ethos is simply to ‘capture people’s hearts through our love of cards’. We wish for you to enjoy each and every one as much as we do.

If you are interested in becoming a trade customer, please complete the account form when clicking onto the 'Collections' page. Alternatively orders can be placed with our lovely UK agents, or contact us directly.

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